Cold Brew

Are you wondering, what’s the big deal about Cold Brew? Well some quick tidbits…Cold Brew is brewed without hot water. The coffee grounds sit for 12-24 hours in cold water, then are filtered into a high quality, long-lasting concentrate. The concentrate makes an amazing cup of joe but could also be used to make ice cream, baked goods and one of our faves, a rich porter. The best part of cold brew is that you taste the coffee flavors because oils and acids from hot coffee are softened but with Cold Brew, you experience a smoother and stronger taste selection. Last perk to Cold Brew…it is better for your teeth and stomach. Bottom of the cup, whether you already love Cold Brew or if you are new to it, drop by High Octane, request a sample—this may your cup of coffee! Our Cold Brew blend is sold in house by the pound if you want to give home brewing a try.


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