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Downtown Aberdeen

Have you explored downtown? Aberdeen is rich with history and although you may experience a slight delay for a passing train, these tracks have a storied and rich past of their own. We at High Octane, can wave at passengers as they zoom through on Amtrak or count cargo cars as they slowly roll behind the coffee shop but once upon a time, thousands and more troops arrived into the area and passed through the USO doors. This was a stop to receive training before heading out in support of World War II. From politics to the arts, the now historic downtown held a lofty place in NC history. High Octane loves being part of this storied community, especially as it continues to grow with the Mainstreet initiative. Our neighbors are boutiques to craft beer and small business owners find friends to their left and right. Stop in, chat with our staff, grab a cup of coffee and you will be pointed to historic sites, art galleries, antiques, good food and unique shops. If you are looking for events, we have plenty…check out our calendar, we can’t wait to share our downtown vibe with you! 

Cold Brew

Are you wondering, what’s the big deal about Cold Brew? Well some quick tidbits…Cold Brew is brewed without hot water. The coffee grounds sit for 12-24 hours in cold water, then are filtered into a high quality, long-lasting concentrate. The concentrate makes an amazing cup of joe but could also be used to make ice cream, baked goods and one of our faves, a rich porter. The best part of cold brew is that you taste the coffee flavors because oils and acids from hot coffee are softened but with Cold Brew, you experience a smoother and stronger taste selection. Last perk to Cold Brew…it is better for your teeth and stomach. Bottom of the cup, whether you already love Cold Brew or if you are new to it, drop by High Octane, request a sample—this may your cup of coffee! Our Cold Brew blend is sold in house by the pound if you want to give home brewing a try.