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A Year In Review 2018

It is official, we are just over a year old and still perking! During 2018, we had fun, saw a community come together for new events and charitable causes and watched small businesses flourish. Downtown Aberdeen ushered in its second concert season of the Sunday Exchange, withstood torrential rains during the Spring Spree, barked excitedly at the Dog Fair, honored its local heroes during the Hanging with Heroes event, searched for gold during the St. Patty’s Gold Rush, hopped around town after a bunny hiding eggs, held an old fashioned 4th of July street party with a fantastic view of the local fireworks, dressed up in our Hogwart’s finest during the 2nd Annual Fall for Aberdeen event, gussied up and got fancy for Uncorked! A Wine Crawl, tasted yummy soup recipes during the 7th Annual Bread Bowl Walking Tour and most importantly, joined together to raise funds during the Musicians for Moore Hurricane Relief Benefit concert just before reindeer descended in town for the Annual Reindeer Run and Santa came to town! OK, maybe we are little proud to be part of this community. We have gained new friends, new customers and customers who have become friends, many of whom joined us for our anniversary party, a little evening soiree, with some of our favorite small plate selections from local eateries. Our business neighbors have been fabulous, and we even had the pleasure of welcoming new ones to our block. Now let’s break it down, Downtown Aberdeen has an eclectic flair with live music every weekend at The Rooster’s Wife, artists at easels, in the streets or at The Artist League of the Sandhills, photography, furniture, flowers, food, craft beer, DIY fun at The Bullroom and of course COFFEE…. can’t you tell we are bursting with pride? So what’s next? We, the High Octane girls, have some surprises grinding and latte fun in the works! Follow us on FB and Instagram @highoctanegirls for upcoming announcements, events and additions to the shop.  We thank all of our patrons, friends and family for an amazing 2018 and look forward to an even brighter 2019!

Memorial Day

Memorial Day, previously Decoration Day, is the federal holiday in the US specifically set aside to remember who died while serving in the Armed Forces. This day should not be confused with Veterans Day which honors all whom have served in defense of our nation. The practice of decorating Soldiers’ graves with flowers and other memorabilia is an ancient custom. If you have ever visited the resting place of Soldiers, you may have noticed coins at a gravesite…a penny simply means you visited, a nickel means the visitor trained with the Fallen, a dime shows you served together and a quarter, the biggest coin, means you were with the Soldier when he or she fell.

Remembering our Fallen is a somber occasion, although most of us do this all throughout the year. Remembering the Fallen is an important occasion as we need to reflect on the sacrifices of so many sons, daughters, fathers, mother, brothers, sisters, friends who raised their hands and said, “Send me,” never to return to their loved ones. Remembering the Fallen is a necessary occasion to mark a day, just one day, to stop in the middle of life and think of these sacrifices on behalf of our nation.

Enjoy the long weekend, have a cookout, tell stories about theses heroes and laugh at their antics, just remember. Many of us, touched by the lives of the Fallen, mark this day in different ways but whether it’s flowers, coins, toasts, tears or laughter, we stop on this day and REMEMBER. High Octane will close on Memorial Day, 28 May, because as Veterans and military families, we will pause and remember.

Summer Days

Are you looking to cool down during the approaching hot summer days? If so, then let High Octane introduce you to some amazing cold summer coffee creations or a yummy Italian Soda. We have a motto, if it is tasty hot, then you can’t go wrong with it iced or frozen. Since we can’t vacation all summer…we know, it isn’t fair…the least we, at High Octane, can do is serve up your caffeine with flavors that take you out of your office or away from the 9 to 5. Start your morning with a Hawaiian Vacation or a Big Island and imagine being under a beach umbrella watching the waves roll in. Or how about a Peaches & Petals with traces of rose, peaches and vanilla? If coffee isn’t your thing, we would love to make an Italian Soda for you and the kiddos, maybe a Put the Lime in the Coconut or Mango Sorbet? Be on the look out for other cool options, you never know what the summer may bring?

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