Summer Days

Are you looking to cool down during the approaching hot summer days? If so, then let High Octane introduce you to some amazing cold summer coffee creations or a yummy Italian Soda. We have a motto, if it is tasty hot, then you can’t go wrong with it iced or frozen. Since we can’t vacation all summer…we know, it isn’t fair…the least we, at High Octane, can do is serve up your caffeine with flavors that take you out of your office or away from the 9 to 5. Start your morning with a Hawaiian Vacation or a Big Island and imagine being under a beach umbrella watching the waves roll in. Or how about a Peaches & Petals with traces of rose, peaches and vanilla? If coffee isn’t your thing, we would love to make an Italian Soda for you and the kiddos, maybe a Put the Lime in the Coconut or Mango Sorbet? Be on the look out for other cool options, you never know what the summer may bring?


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